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#Arduinoweek. Referred to as an open-source platform/ board and the software used to program it. The Arduino in such, makes it so easy to give accessibility to hobbyists, designers, artists and literally anyone interested in creating interactive environments the capabilities to do so.

Arduino Uno Pin layout

To get to be as readily available and stand as its name is right now, it had trademark disputes even to the point of a trademark referred to as ‘Genuino’, see what they did there? All in all, past the dispute, post-dispute, partnerships formed and now it stabilized to present day. New boards still do come up all to fit various needs that a previous one couldn’t handle fully or partially.

Various Arduino boards

Then came the announcement on Arduino’s IoT cloud service as an extension of the create online environment (node MCU) and this opened more doors and inclusive of windows of opportunities!

The projects involving the Arduino boards are so many, too many and probably limitless as new discoveries and integrations are being made. With sufficient memory and storage to integrate more than a couple of components on to it and where it limits, there are compatible shields for additional functionalities.

How about we take a look at a few and enlisted accompanied components that aided in the build and you can get what you don’t have and actually build your own!

The line following robot.

A basic robot that follows a specific path indicated usually by a black colored line on a light-colored surface. It is commonly used in carrying children through shopping malls, homes, entertainment places and industries. Basically, transport materials from one place to another =, its movement completely depending on the track.

All you’ll need for this simple project;

  • Arduino Uno, 2- or 4-wheel robot chassis, L298N motor driver, 9v battery, battery clip, breadboard, jumper wires, DC motors, caster wheel, a couple of IR sensors and the Arduino IDE; the software to code your Arduino board into function.


Arduino Mega Chess

Game of chess anyone? How about we make our own?

And all you’ll need for this simple project;

  • Arduino mega2560
  • 8” TFT LCD touch screen
  • Touch pen
  • Buzzer
  • Laptop, software and time

We could state thousands of projects more so because we use an Arduino in everything even an LED blinking project. Quite literally the backbone. You can have a view of even more of the projects from our social media sites, both Facebook and Instagram and get the components for a fun filled say, weekend of building and realizations.








LED control with a Joystick module










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